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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Dear valued customers, please be informed of the increased in prices of the titles (in a set) / items listed below:-

1. RM 189.60 (4 Titles)
    52 Kisah Dongeng Terkenal                      
    52 Cerita Dongeng
    52 Cerita Fabel
    Koleksi Cerita Fabel Kegemaranku 

2. RM 189.60 (4 Titles)
    52 Bedtime Fairy Tales
    52 Fairy Tales                                                           
    52 Fables
    My Library of Favourite Fables 
3. RM 151.20 (8 Titles)
    Children's Favourite Fairy Tales    
4. RM 435.60 (44 Titles)
    Popular Tales from Malaysia (14T)
    Malaysian Legends Series (8T)   
    Legenda Malaysia yang Popular (14T)                       
    Siri Legenda Malaysia (8T)      
5. RM 156.80 (32 Titles)
    Favourite Tales of Wit & Wisdom (16T)
    Siri Fabel Kesukaan tentang Kecerdikan  dan Kebijaksanaan (16T)

6. 8-Tie Rack           RM 300.00 

7. RM 716.40 (36 Titles) 
    My Big Book of Fairy Tales (6T)
    My Big Book of Fav. Fairy Tales (6T)
    My Big Book of Moral Stories (6T)                           
    My Big Book of Moral Tales (6T)
    My Big Book of M'sian Tales (6T)
    My Big Book of M'sian Legends (6T)          
   (each set of 6 Titles- FREE one eco- friendly bag)
8. RM 716.40 (36 Titles) 
    Buku Gergasi Cerita Dongeng Popular (6T)
    Buku Gergasi Cerita Dongeng Kesukaanku (6T)        
    Buku Gergasi Cerita Fabel Klasik (6T)
    Buku Gergasi Cerita Moral (6T)
    Buku Gergasi Cerita Dongeng M'sia (6T)
    Buku Gergasi Siri Legenda M'sia (6T) 
    (each set of 6 Titles- FREE one eco- friendly bag)

9. Big Book Rack                 RM 350.00

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